Cleaned Molybdenum Wire

Cleaned Molybdenum Wire Picture

Cleaned molybdenum wire, namely white molybdenum wire, is molybdenum wire removes graphite coating on the surface by using the methods of electrolytic cleaning and hydrogen-sintered cleaning, and has a good bright and shiny surface. The diameter of cleaned molybdenum wire is ranging from 0.05mm to 3mm.

Surface condition of cleaned molybdenum wire should be bright, and  no oxidation phenomena, rusting, or spotted appearance is admitted.

Cleaned molybdenum wire can be divided into pure cleaned molybdenum wire and impure cleaned molybdenum wire. As a result, there is an impurity content of cleaned molybdenum wire for impure cleaned molybdenum wire.















Cleaned molybdenum wire owns the following properties:

High strength
High conductivity
Bright and shiny surface
Quick cutting speed
Longevity of using

Cleaned molybdenum wire is highly used for wire cutting machine, producing electric light source parts and electric vacuum components, producing heating elements and refractory parts in high temperature furnaces. What is more, it is used for spraying weariness, tear parts of automobile and other machine to enhance their wear ability.